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USPS Adjusts Express Mail Refund Eligibility

For mailings Dec. 2225: USPS adjusts Express Mail refund eligibility
The Postal Service this month is adjusting its Express Mail refund criteria during the week of Christmas.
From Dec. 22 to Dec. 25, Express Mail accepted on these days will be eligible for a postage refund only in instances where delivery, or attempted delivery, is not made within two delivery days after the mailing date.
It’s critical that retail associates and all other employees accepting Express Mail on those days accurately explain the adjusted refund eligibility information to customers and follow the special Express Mail Acceptance SOP.
This includes marking the origin section of the Express Mail label boldly with the word “Holiday” as instructed in the SOP.
This is a temporary, four-day adjustment to the Express Mail overnight service refund policy. This adjustment has no impact on USPS service commitment for Express Mail.
During the week of Christmas, unexpected heavy volumes and unpredictable weather occasionally affect USPS’ ability to transport all Express Mail for timely overnight delivery.
The refund adjustment continues to provide customers with a money-back guarantee while modifying expectations in the event overnight service in any particular area of the country becomes unachievable.
Service commitments and performance measurements will not change. Delivery employees will continue to deliver Express Mail the day it arrives at delivery units, regardless of the markings on the label.
“We’ve worked hard over the years to gain the trust of our customers, and we remain committed to getting their gifts and packages delivered on time when they are counting on us the most,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, Expedited Shipping. “Our Express Mail service remains second to none, and we’ll continue to offer it to customers with pride.”